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Greetings! I hope that you are well. Thank you for granting me the opportunity to do a reading for you. It has been a genuine honor and privilege to be of service.

As a Tarot Advisor, I help clients gain valuable insight that supports their inner guidance. A nugget of information can provide us with the space for deeper reflection and inspired action. We have free will and the ability make the best decisions for our highest good. The wisdom that we can access through the Tarot can help us appreciate our lives in the present so that we can plan for the future. I am a firm believer in the power of intuition.


This card reading is subject to your own personal interpretation. The information provided does not constitute legal, psychological, medical, business or financial advice. Tarot and Oracle card readings cannot predict, forecast, diagnose or provide information with absolute certainty. Readings provided are not intended to diagnose, treat or prescribe any condition. Please consider seeking guidance from a qualified professional before making any life-changing decisions. I appreciate your professionalism and consideration.


Introduction to Your Reading

Now, let’s turn to your Tarot reading. You have asked, “I am going on an overseas trip in November and would be grateful for any insight as to how the trip will go.”


I love the open-ended nature of your inquiry. I developed a series of questions for your reading that empower you to seek choices that inspire you to take meaningful action. I created a personalized Tarot spread based on these questions. Concentrating carefully on your situation and channeling your energy, I shuffled and laid out the Tarot cards and this is what they told me…


Your Reading: Key Themes

1. Balance and Harmony in Life

2. Empowered Choice

Making choices from a place of genuine love and aligned with one’s true values and highest good.

3. Love…

…for a new land, its people, community, and culture. Appreciating the “finer things in life” and “stopping to smell the roses.”

Love may also be available in the form of romance, a meaningful friendship, or promising business partnership.


Your Reading: Questions and Card Spread

1. Overall Theme for Your Overseas Trip

Card: 10 of Cups

Message: A possible “…happily ever after” situation, maybe following a period of toil and turbulence. An overarching theme for your overseas trip is: “Emotional Fulfilment To-The-Max!” (Joy that is usually shared with others.)

The suit of Cups represents the element of Water (emotions, intuition, creativity, relationships). The number 10 represents the ending of a cycle AND the beginning of a new cycle of life experiences.


2. What are your assets or advantages in this situation?

Card: Ace of Pentacles

Message: You have the BIG coin! The Ace in the back pocket to invest and launch a lucrative project. Going on a trip? What better asset to have than currency to invest in a worthwhile endeavor in a magical land far, far away….

The suit of Pentacles (Earth element) may represent career, money, finances, investments, real estate, energetic currency, etc. With respect to love and relationships, Pentacles may also represent security, assets, energetic sovereignty, commitment, etc. Pentacles can have a strong connection to lifestyle, leisure, and luxury.


3. What are possible blockages or obstacles in this situation?

Card: 9 of Pentacles

Message: Ah…yes, the “Single-And-Ready-To-Mingle” life. Don’t need nobody to pay your way, thank you very much! “I can do just fine all by myself…on second thought, I like this place, and that lovely lady I met during one of my excursions…Let’s be honest, I’m a bit freaked out about sharing a living space with someone else…”

The numerology here adds depth to the message: 10 +10 = 10 of Cups + (Ace of Pentacles + 9 of Pentacles). For all intents and purposes, the message here suggests “having it all” in terms of emotional fulfillment and long-term material stability.


4. What advice might you consider in this situation?

Card: King of Swords

Message: The King of Swords is a master at communicating their truth and analyzing a situation with the precision of a sharp shooter. In light of your experience overseas, you might consider taking a hard look at your current life situation, exploring your truth and purpose.

The suit of Swords (element of Air) may represent intellect, communication, thought processes, truth, and power.


5. How might you take action on the advice provided in response to Question #4?

Card: 6 of Pentacles

Message: After unearthing the truth of your current life situation (as a King of Swords), you realize that redefining success means having enough resources for your own benefit while sharing your wealth with others in a generous and equitable fashion. Wow, this far away land might be enchanting after all!

Being fruitful and generous: 9 of Pentacles + King of Swords = 6 of Pentacles [to invest] (after saving 3 Pentacles for your individual needs).


6. What could be a possible outcome in this situation?

Card: VI – The Lovers

Message: As the only Major Arcana card present in the main part of your card spread, The Lovers is the predominant energy influencing this entire reading. This card is associated with the concept of “Choice” in alignment with one’s values and highest good (in love, business, etc.). The message here is that you might be considering an important choice in your life after returning from your trip, feeling inspired and rejuvenated.


7. What advice might you consider in light of the possible outcome described in response to Question #6?

Card: 8 of Cups

Message: The person depicted in the 8 of Cups walks towards the 7 of Pentacles (Reversed), evaluates it and takes stock in the 4 of Swords (Reversed). They look up at the King of Swords and conclude that important decisions must be made for the sake of personal fulfillment, peace, and expansion. The 8 of Cups is about walking away from a situation that is no longer emotionally fulfilling. The grass might actually be greener on the other side of the world! If you feel called to make any moves in the future, what might you consider in order to manifest a possible outcome that serves your highest good?


8. How might you take action on the advice provided in response to Question #7?

Card: 7 of Pentacles (Reversed)

Clarifying Card: 4 of Swords (Reversed)

Message: What is keeping you up at night—restless and out of alignment with your values and dreams? In the card spread, the King of Swords seems to preside over the inner dialogue here. In his energy, you might consider overhauling your approach to long-term investments in the areas of career, finances, lifestyle, health and well-being. That olive grove is calling….


9. Underlying Energy

Cards: Knight of Wands / III – The Empress / Queen of Pentacles

The underlying energy can add quality depth to a reading. The position of these cards (at bottom of deck) represents energy that might be in your subconscious, driving you in a particular direction. This “underlying energy” at the bottom of the deck could also be the energy that you are bringing into a situation, influencing the way you approach a specific matter. The underlying energy could also reflect a blind spot in your perspective.

Message: In the Knight of Wands energy, you are an adventurous and exciting world traveler, living in the moment, serving as the life of the party! The Knight of Wands delivers a message that the King of Swords is ready to connect with a grounded and materially-savvy person (the Queen of Pentacles). Together, the King of Swords and the Queen of Pentacles could enjoy a luxurious and leisurely lifestyle that nurtures a sustainable planet and cultivates meaningful relationships (III – The Empress).



This is a love story. A story of making an important choice guided by the momentum of the heart. Key VI in the Major Arcana of the Tarot, “The Lovers,” is the predominant energy in this reading. In this specific reading, the 10 of Cups supports the energy of The Lovers.


This love story may be twofold. In the first instance, there may be a chance to fall in love with the place you visit overseas—its people, lifestyle, values, culture, energetic vibration, etc. You may grow to love it so much that you might consider making an investment in this community abroad (e.g., Real estate or business). In my mind’s eye (and in the cards), I see “villa, vineyard, winery…”


Your trip overseas might inspire you to seek more balance and harmony in your life (9 of Pentacles, King of Swords, 6 of Pentacles, VI – The Lovers). Perhaps consider freeing yourself of situations that no longer fulfill you emotionally (8 of Cups). Where are you investing your energy, time, and resources? What is keeping you uneasy, restless, reluctant, or anxious? Could the grass be greener on the other side of the world? (7 of Pentacles – Reversed; 4 of Swords – Reversed)


The meadows, mountains, rivers, and forests illustrated in your cards convey a genuine breath of fresh of air—ripe for rest and expansion of the mind, heart, and soul. In my mind’s eye, I see Ireland, Tuscany, the Mediterranean, Spain, Costa Rica, or Patagonia. (9 of Pentacles; King of Swords; III – The Empress; Ace of Pentacles; 8 of Cups; Queen of Pentacles)

The second path of this love story could be the possibility of finding a meaningful connection with a person during your trip overseas. This connection could be in friendship, business, or romance (possibly all of the above). This special connection could ground you emotionally and promise material security. I also feel sensuality, beauty, creativity, and stability in this possible connection. (VI – The Lovers; 9 of Pentacles; King of Swords; 6 of Pentacles; 8 of Cups; Knight of Wands; III – The Empress; Queen of Pentacles)


We’ll conclude this reading by returning to your original inquiry: “I am going on an overseas trip in November and would be grateful for any insight as to how the trip will go.” Based on this reading, what do you think? Sounds promising to me. Now you have a better idea on what to pack for the adventure. Buen viaje!

Thank You

Once again, thank you very much for granting me the opportunity to do this reading for you. If you have any questions or require clarification about any of the cards drawn here, please feel free to contact me at your convenience. I am delighted to remain of service. I would also appreciate any feedback you can offer. Specifically, I would like to know how the reading has helped you so that I can continually improve my Tarot reading skills. I remain grateful for your support. Take good care. Peace, love, and strength.





Further Insight…


I value adding layers to my readings for richer insight by indulging in some of the esoteric systems of knowledge that we can apply to the Tarot. Enjoy!



Tropical Zodiac signs could be relevant for you in this reading. Please feel free to consider whatever resonates with you in terms of the astrological associations here.


In your reading, the Earth element (Pentacles) is predominant:

Taurus (III – The Empress / 6 of Pentacles / 7 of Pentacles / Ace of Pentacles)

Virgo (9 of Pentacles / Ace of Pentacles)

Capricorn (Queen of Pentacles / Ace of Pentacles)

The suit of Pentacles may represent career, money, finances, investments, real estate, energetic currency, etc. With respect to love and relationships, Pentacles may also represent security, assets, energetic sovereignty, commitment, etc. Pentacles can have a strong connection to lifestyle, leisure, and luxury.


The Water element (Cups) also plays a pivotal role in this story:

Pisces (10 of Cups; 8 of Cups)


The element of Air (Swords) is also noteworthy in your reading:

Gemini (VI – The Lovers)

Libra (4 of Swords / III – The Empress)

Aquarius (King of Swords)


The Fire element (Wands) in the underlying energy could be flying the party plane to your destination in the form of the Knight of Wands (Zodiac Association: Sagittarius)! Fun times.

Finally, some brief insights on planetary associations in your reading…


The qualities of Venus underpin this reading (given the planet’s association with love, beauty, and relationships):

III – The Empress (ruled by Venus)

9 of Pentacles (Venus in Virgo)

Venus rules over the Zodiac signs of Taurus and Libra (Earth and Air, respectively). Taurus may be associated with qualities of financial stability, material prosperity, luxury, leisure, and sensuality. Libra may be associated with relationships, fairness, balance, and harmony.


VI – The Lovers (Gemini, ruled by Mercury)

Mercury also rules over Virgo (9 of Pentacles)

Mercury is associated with communication, speed, and technology. Communication is a valuable theme in your reading.


6 of Pentacles (Moon in Taurus)

The Moon is associated with emotion, intuition, fears, hidden truths, etc. In your reading, it’s interesting to note that the 6 of Pentacles in part connects with the notion of “doing what feels right for your emotional well-being.”



8 of Cups (Saturn in Pisces)

7 of Pentacles (Saturn in Taurus)

Saturn is associated with restriction, challenge, and hard-but-necessary lessons, etc. In your reading, it is fascinating that both Saturnian cards happen to fall next to each in the card spread (appearing to mirror each other). The connection to Saturnian energy with these specific cards might be the notion of learning challenging lessons pertaining to matters of the heart and material gain.



Finally, the planet of expansion, exploration, travel and good fortune (among other qualities)—Jupiter—contributes a message of encouragement through the following cards:

4 of Swords (Jupiter in Libra)

Rest your mind, meditate, and breath in new ideas and insights.

Knight of Wands (Card of Sagittarius, ruled by the planet Jupiter)

Be bold, passionate, adventurous, courageous, a jet setter and the life of the party!



The number 6 features in your reading:

VI – The Lovers

6 of Pentacles

Notice that both cards appear consecutively in the spread (66), enhancing the impact of the number 6.

The number 6 may be associated with the qualities of Balance, Harmony, Cooperation, and Love—themes that are fundamental to this specific reading.

[Side Note: Virgo, a notable energy, is ruler of the 6th House in Astrology—governs daily routines, wellness, productivity, and service (themes relevant to this reading).]

Furthermore, your reading features a progression in number sequence, which suggests forward progress in a situation:

6 (VI - The Lovers / Six of Pentacles)

7 (Seven of Pentacles)

8 (Eight of Cups)

9 (Nine of Pentacles)

10 (Ten of Cups / Ace of Pentacles + Nine of Pentacles)

The above progression in number sequence (6 – 10) suggests a successful completion of a particular cycle in life. I believe that the theme of cycle completion is valuable to this reading.


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