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Welcome to MC Advising Services LLC

College Admissions Consulting


Scholastic Advising

Welcome to MC Advising! I am José Iván Román, Founder. I utilize my natural abilities, professional training, and lived experiences to nurture my advisees' intellect, creativity, and personal empowerment.

Professional Background

  • Higher Education Administration & Student Affairs

  • Developmental Academic Advising (College Student Development Theory)

  • Undergraduate Academic Advising

  • Undergraduate Admissions Counseling

  • Law School Admissions & Enrollment Management

  • College Admissions Consulting

  • College Preparation Mentoring & Support

Intuitive Advising

Intuition is a central feature in my brand of advising. Intuition may be described as inner knowing that is independent of the ego. Ever get a “hunch?” Thank your intuition. Hunches or “gut feelings” seem to come from within but also from somewhere beyond. I encourage advisees to connect with their inner guidance. Being aligned with our true inner guidance empowers us to take inspired action in our lives. I support my advisees’ diverse learning styles and philosophies, valuing and respecting everyone's unique journey through personal development. Each of us has our own path to walk; but we are never alone. I feel deeply honored when my advisees say: “You see me.” Prioritizing my advisees' confidentiality and well-being, I serve as a channel for peace, love, and respect. 


As an Intuitive Advisor, I tune into a person’s energy when they express themselves—in writing, speech, movement, emotion, action, etc. I identify as an Empath. I am sensitive to energetic vibrations such as human emotions. I listen carefully to my advisees. My listening is active AND receptive. My intuitive abilities help me guide discussions. As an Admissions professional, I read and intuit through the written application. Admissions professionals discern which candidates possess the qualities to enhance life on campus. Admissions committees tune into a candidate’s judgment, motivation, and intention. I facilitate an experience that unpacks, uncovers, and reveals what already exists within my advisees: A Master Creator. Each of us possesses a unique creative fingerprint. I support my advisees’ experimentation with channeling their energy, intention, and creativity.  

I hope that you feel called to connect with me along your journey. We are the heroes of our own stories. Word life.

José Iván Román, Founder

  • Founded MC Advising Services LLC in 2022

  • Core Values: Intuition, Originality, Creativity, Authenticity, Service, and Health

  • 20 years of industry experience

    • Yale University (Yale College)

    • Boston College Law School

    • Northeastern University

    • InGenius Prep, Inc.

    • Solomon Admissions Consulting

    • Freelance and Specialized Contract Projects

  • Proud to serve clients and families around the globe

  • EN ESPAÑOL: Soy un profesional bilingüe. (Bilingual: Fluent in Spanish and Castilian)

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I. College Admissions Consulting*
*Colleges and Universities in the United States of America

II. Scholastic Advising for High School & College Students

III. Adult Peer Mentoring & Scholastic Advising

High School Student Mentoring

College Student Mentoring

Adult Peer Scholastic Advising

Family-Advisor Team Meetings

High School Student Academic Advising

College Student Academic Advising

Undergraduate Admissions Application Counseling & Management 

Extra-curricular Activities Exploration

Leadership Skills Development

Personal Statement & Admissions Essay Writing Workshops

Creative Thought & Expression

Résumé & Cover Letter Writing

Research, Reasoning & Resonance with Prospective Schools

Prospective Schools List

Interview Coaching

Fundamentals of Professionalism & Communication

Navigating College Admissions & Intercollegiate Athletics Recruiting

Undergraduate Transfer Admissions Application Counseling & Management

Graduate & Law School Admissions Preparation

Special Programs Application Support**

**(e.g. Summer opportunities, internships, scholarships, grants, competitions, awards, etc.)


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