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MC Tarot Advising

MC Advising Services LLC

Welcome to MC Advising Services LLC

Intuitive Advising for Personal Empowerment,

Scholastic Achievement, and Creative Solutions

Welcome to MC Advising! I am José Iván Román, Founder. I utilize my natural abilities, professional training, and lived experiences to nurture my advisees' intuition, creativity, and personal empowerment. Welcome to my Multi-Verse-City. U & I Verse at home. WORD.


Professional Background

  • Higher Education Administration & Student Affairs

  • Developmental Academic Advising (College Student Development Theory)

  • Undergraduate Academic Advising

  • Undergraduate Admissions Counseling

  • Law School Admissions & Enrollment Management

  • College Admissions Consulting

  • College Preparation Mentoring & Support

  • Professional Tarot Card Readings

  • Certified Biddy Tarot Advisor

  • Certified Reiki Master

My Brand of Intuitive Advising

As an Intuitive Advisor, I tune into a person’s energetic frequency when they express themselves—in writing, speech, movement, emotion, action, etc. I identify as an Empath. I am sensitive to energetic vibrations, such as human emotions. I listen carefully to my advisees. During my advising sessions, I receive intuitive “hits” (e.g., Images, symbols, ideas, words, etc.)—similar to a process of free association. My listening is active AND receptive. The information I receive intuitively helps me guide discussions with my advisees. I effectively “read” my advisees and their energy. Admissions professionals effectively “read” candidates. They read and intuit through the written application. Their mission is to discern which candidates possess the aura to elevate the energetic vibration of a universe-city campus. Admissions committees tune into a candidate’s judgment, motivation, and intention. Tarot readers tune into the energetic frequency of their clients and channel the energy through the Tarot cards. During a reading, a Tarot reader receives intuitive hits that layer the messages coming through the cards. Intuition is essential to Intuitive Advising. Intuition may be described as inner knowing that is independent of the ego. Ever get a “hunch?” Thank your intuition. Hunches or “gut feelings” seem to come from within but also from somewhere beyond. I encourage advisees to connect with their inner guidance. Being aligned with our true inner guidance empowers us to take inspired action in our lives. I support my advisees’ diverse learning styles and philosophies. I also recognize, value, and respect each individual’s unique journey through personal development. Each of us has our own path to walk; but we are never alone. We can connect with other souls who vibrate at a similar frequency, regardless of geography. I facilitate an experience that unpacks, uncovers, and reveals what already exists within my advisees: A (Master) Creator. Each of us possesses a unique creative fingerprint. I support my advisees’ experimentation with channeling their energy, intention, and creativity. I feel deeply honored when my advisees say: “You see me.” I prioritize my advisees' confidentiality and well-being. I serve as a channel for peace, love, and respect. I hope that you feel called to connect with me along your journey. We are the heroes of our own stories. Word life.

José Iván Román, Founder

  • Founded MC Advising Services LLC in 2022

  • Core Values: Intuition, Originality, Creativity, Authenticity, Service, and Health

  • EN ESPAÑOL: Soy un profesional bilingüe. Hablo, leo y escribo en español y castellano. Estoy aquí para servirle en confianza. (Bilingual: Fluent in Spanish and Castilian)

  • 19 years of industry experience

  • Proud to serve clients and families around the globe

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I. College Admissions Consulting*
*Colleges and Universities in the United States of America

II. Scholastic Advising for High School & College Students

III. Adult Peer Mentoring & Scholastic Advising


High School Student Mentoring

College Student Mentoring

Adult Peer Scholastic Advising

Tarot & Scholastic Advising

Family-Advisor Team Meetings

High School Student Academic Advising

College Student Academic Advising

Undergraduate Admissions Application Counseling & Management 

Extra-curricular Activities Exploration

Leadership Skills Development

Personal Statement & Admissions Essay Writing Workshops

Creative Thought & Expression

Résumé & Cover Letter Writing

Research, Reasoning & Resonance with Prospective Schools

Prospective Schools List

Interview Coaching

Fundamentals of Professionalism & Communication

Navigating College Admissions & Intercollegiate Athletics Recruiting

Undergraduate Transfer Admissions Application Counseling & Management

Graduate & Law School Admissions Preparation

Special Programs Application Support**

**(e.g. Summer opportunities, internships, scholarships, grants, competitions, awards, etc.)


YouTube Channel - Scholastic Advising & Tarot (MC Advising Services LLC)



Professional Tarot Card Readings

Intuitive Readings



At MC Advising, we believe that the Tarot is a powerful, nuanced tool that can help to effect real, empowered change in our lives. The Tarot can help us gain valuable insight that supports our own inner guidance. Such guidance can provide us with a space for deeper reflection and inspired action. The wisdom that we access through the Tarot can help us appreciate our lives in the present so that we can plan for the future.

José Iván Román is a Certified Biddy Tarot Advisor



Love & Romance


Career & Studies

Empowering Empaths

Scholastic Advising & Tarot 


Spiritual Development

Oracle Card Readings

Numerology & Tarot

Astrology & Tarot

Meditation & Tarot

Reiki & Tarot

Tarot for Dream Analysis

Intuitive Tarot

Advising for Seasoned Tarot Readers

Advising for New Tarot Readers

Adult Peer Mentoring & Tarot

Daily Tarot Practices

Tarot for Self-Reflection & Future Planning

Metaphysical Exploration

Philosophy & Discourse

Education & Entertainment

Tarot for Fun!

Tarot Parties


Learn Tarot Fundamentals

Tarot for Teens & Emerging Adults

Tarot for High School Student Advising

Tarot for College Student Advising

Lecturas de Tarot en español y castellano (Tarot Card Readings in Spanish and Castilian)


Typewritten Readings

Audio Recorded Readings

Live Online Readings

Live Phone Readings


YouTube Channel - General Collective Tarot Readings (MC Tarot Advising)


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