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Northeastern University, College of Engineering: GE1000 (First-Year Seminar / Introduction to College course for first-year engineering students. 1 credit per term.) (Fall 2019, Spring 2020)

Advising & Engagement Programs
Founder, Northeastern Honors Alumni Initiative: Created alumni engagement programming. (August 2014 - November 2017)  

Designer and Manager, Northeastern University Honors Program Alumni Mentoring Network: Connects students with alumni mentors.  (August 2014 - November 2017)

Admissions & Enrollment Management

Kaplan's The 180 - Live: Mock Admissions Panel (August 2014, The New York City Bar Association)

Enrollment Management Presentation (LSAC Law School Admission and Education Conference, 2013): "​Confronting enrollment challenges in a turbulent law school marketplace."

Law School Interactive: Is law school right for me? (2011)

"This week’s podcast helps answer the question “Is Law School Right For Me?”. We spoke to Jose Ivan Roman, Assistant Director of Admissions at Boston Law School; Kelly Shull Cannon, Partner at Houser, Newman, Besley Law Firm; and Kris Tina Carlston, Lawyer and Pre-Law Advisor at Brigham Young University. Our experts discussed the qualities and skill sets it takes to succeed in the law school classroom and the questions to ask yourself before entering into the financial and time commitments of law school. Though Jose Ivan Roman doesn’t believe a specific personality is made for law school, all three of our experts believe there are specific skill-sets needed to succeed. They mentioned drive and determination, along with analytical, writing, reading, and public speaking skills as being necessary for a successful law school student.

Along with what they believe you need to succeed, all three of these professionals mentioned that there are many considerations to be addressed before making your decision. Roman comments on the intellectual toughness of the program, Carlston mentions that a law degree doesn’t guarantee large salaries but could come with large debt, and Cannon speaks on the agility you must have to be a successful candidate.

If you still aren’t sure law school is the best option for you – listen to this podcast and hear opinions from three professionals who have either been to law school, work for a law school, or both!"


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