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Client Testimonials

"....[José]: Thank you so, so much again for all of your help. I truly could not have gotten through this [college admissions] process, let alone succeed in getting into so many amazing universities, without you."

Mal C. (Northern California, USA)

“I had my first ever tarot card reading with José. I did not know what to expect and I can truly say I was blown away. This was more than just a reading, it was therapeutic. To be honest, I was anxious about the reading, because I knew what I wanted to ask, and was almost afraid to know any kind of answer. That said , Jose has a way about him that makes you feel at ease right off the bat. He started by explaining how the process works. Once we got into the reading, it was clear how passionate and knowledgeable José is about his craft. He really took the time to walk me through my reading and gave me advice on how to handle some of the outcomes of the reading. I look forward to booking with José again in the very near future.“

JACKIE S. (Boston, MA)

“For everyone one there comes a point in time when you are in need of advice that offers a little more insight not only in the subconscious but also an advice that moves further than decision making based only on logic and analysis.


I have always been fascinated how tarot offers this remarkable realm of intuition and the fine workings beyond only reason. But to truly makes sense of what lies beneath, you need someone to guide you and help you navigate the intricate workings of the card. I am very lucky to have found José to offer me this guidance.


My family and I made a radical decision to uproot and start travelling and spending more time in places and countries that spoke to us. And even though the decision itself felt good and liberating, we were also of course afraid of what we had done, giving up our home, our steady and safe life. I reached out to José to see how this decision would develop and play out and eventually lead to another bold decision of moving to a country we both did not know very well but which came onto our path. Again, a decision that was both exhilarating and daunting at the same time.


I am very impressed by his intuition and knowledge of the working of the cards and I truly admire the time that he takes to look further, to really dive into the inner-workings and explains what he sees and feels in a very clear and candid yet always empathic and understanding way. 


His use of 2 sets of decks and especially the interaction of what happens at the surface and what lies beneath really speaks to me and has offered valuable insights in the inner workings when it comes to certain doubts or fears. It truly strengthened us on our journey that would of course not be easy, but which made perfect sense.


I also very much appreciate José’s explanation of the nature of the cards themselves, he has a deep mastery of the cards’ complexities and can vividly bring these to the reading. A truly extra bonus is in my opinion is José’s alchemic style of using numerology and what surfaces in between the shuffling of the cards. Like so many things, life is full of coincidences and ‘what happens in between’ and this truly stands out to me as the things to pinpoint the journey of the readings. 


If you have doubts and think that tarot is only about vague interpretations and a lot of new age/zen nonsense, you could not be more wrong. José is very professional in his approach, clear in his communication yet the personal touches in the weaving of his story really speak out and make his reading a profound and authentic experience.


I take the time to listen to his readings a couple of times and every time, I discover something new, another nuance speaks out or another observation suddenly hits its mark.


For those of you who are interested and curious in the world of tarot and how it can help guide you on your life’s path, please take the chance to reach out and contact José. It is truly a life enriching experience and I am very grateful for José.”

BRIGID V. (The Netherlands)

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