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2nd Quarter Free Throws  |  KRS-ONE

The MC  |  KRS-ONE

Stop, Look, Listen  |  MC Lyte

My Philosophy  |  Boogie Down Productions (BDP)

South Bronx  |  Boogie Down Productions (BDP)

The R  |  Eric B. & Rakim

It Ain’t Hard to Tell  |  Nas

Real Love (Remix)  |  Mary J. Blige

Southerplayalisticadillacmuzik  |  OutKast

Dwyck  |  Gang Starr

Black Ice (Sky High)  |  Goodie Mob

They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)   Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth

Reminisce (Remix)  |  Mary J. Blige

Hit Em Wit Da Hee  |  Missy Elliott

Always Be My Baby  |  Mariah Carey

Together Forever  |  Lisette Meléndez

Party Groove  |  Showbiz & A.G.

Stakes is High  |  De La Soul

Criminal Minded  |  Boogie Down Productions (BDP)

The Shit is Real (DJ Premier Remix)  |  Fat Joe

Supa Star   Group Home

God Lives Through  |  A Tribe Called Quest

Don’t Take it Personal (Just One of Dem Days)  |  Monica

Anything (Remix)  |  SWV (feat. Wu-Tang Clan)

I Wanna Be Down (Remix)  |  Brandy (feat. Queen Latifah, Yo-Yo & MC Lyte)

Tri-Boro  |  Natural Elements

Put It On  |  Big L

Buck Em Down (Da Beatminerz Remix)  |  Black Moon

Next Level (Nyte Time Mix)  |  Show & A.G.

Protect Ya Neck  |  Wu-Tang Clan

Scenario  |  A Tribe Called Quest

Can I Get Open?  |  Original Flavor

Ain’t No Half-Steppin'  |  Big Daddy Kane

Nobody Beats the Biz  |  Biz Markie

Cha Cha Cha  |  MC Lyte

3 Tha Hard Way  |  Bahamadia

It’s a Party  |  Busta Rhymes

You're Making Me High  |  Toni Braxton

Show Me  |  The Cover Girls

Hey Lover  |  LL Cool J

I Remember  |  Coolio

I Know You Got Soul  |  Eric B. & Rakim

Lifestyles of the Rich & Shameless  |  Lost Boyz

Day One  |  D.I.T.C.

Motivators  |  A Tribe Called Quest 

Fakin' Jax   Pete Rock & InI

Rhythm of the Night  |  DeBarge

Robi Rob's Boriqua Anthem  |  C+C Music Factory (feat. El General)

One Love  |  Whodini

I Need Love  |  LL Cool J

Right Here (Human Nature Radio Mix)  |  SWV

Just Kickin’ It (Remix)  |  Xscape

Tell Me  |  Groove Theory

Breathe Again  |  Toni Braxton

Dreamlover  |  Mariah Carey

Hey Mr. DJ  |  Zhané

Paper Thin  |  MC Lyte

Weak  |  SWV

Brown Sugar  |  D'Angelo

Mo’ Love  |  DFC

Proper Propaganda  |  Dilate Peoples

Mind Playing Tricks on Me  |  Geto Boys

Player's Ball  |  OutKast

Iron Maiden  |  Ghostface Killah

I Like It (I Wanna Be Where You Are)  |  Grand Puba

Soul Clap  |  Showbiz & A.G.

Respect The Architect  |  Guru

Children’s Story  |  Slick Rick

Definition  |  Black Star

Make the Music with Your Mouth Biz  |  Biz Markie

Eric B. is President  |  Eric B. & Rakim

Fantastic Voyage  |  Coolio

Regulate  |  Warren G (feat. Nate Dogg)

Duel of the Iron Mic  |  GZA

The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)  |  Missy Elliott

You Know How We Do It  |  Ice Cube

The Most Beautifullest Thing in this World  |  Keith Murray

Streets of New York  |  Kool G Rap & DJ Polo

Hip 2 Da Game  |  Lord Finesse

Jeeps, Lex Coups, Bimaz and Benz  |  Lost Boyz

The I.N.C. Ride  |  Masta Ace Incorporated

Straight Up Menace  |  MC Eiht

Shit’s Real  |  Mic Geronimo

Crooklyn  |  Crooklyn Dodgers (Buckshot, Masta Ace & Special Ed)

Return of the Crooklyn Dodgers  |  Crooklyn Dodgers '95

(Chubb Rock, Jeru the Damaja & O.C.)

Family and Loyalty  |  Gang Starr

Reach Us  |  Dilated Peoples

Hell on Earth  |  Mobb Deep

Speed Law  |  Mos Def

Release Yo’ Delf   Method Man

Straight Outta Compton  |  N.W.A.

Off the Ledge  |  Eric B. & Rakim

Lil’ Ghetto Boy  |  Dr. Dre

Clap Yo Hands  |  Naughty by Nature

Funky for You  |  Nice & Smooth

Whutcha Want  |  Nine

My World  |  O.C.

Last Dayz  |  Onyx

Stress  |  Organized Konfusion

Six Feet Deep  |  Geto Boys

Sometimes I Rhyme Slow  |  Nice & Smooth

Let's Organize  |  Organized Konfusion

Fight the Power  |  Public Enemy

Section  |  The Roots

Word is Born  |  Run-DMC

I Seen a Man Die  |  Scarface

Manifest  |  Gang Starr 

I'll Bee Dat  |  Redman

VA. In the House  |  Skillz

Wrekonize  |  Smif-N-Wessun

Murder Was the Case  |  Snoop Dogg

I’m the Magnificent  |  Special Ed

The Piece Maker  |  Tony Touch

Glaciers of Ice  |  Raekwon

Who Got Da Props  |  Black Moon

Only the Strong Survive  |  Too $hort

Paid in Full  |  Eric B. & Rakim

The Quiet One  |  Gotham, Talib Kweli & Diamond D

Boricuas on da Set  |  Frankie Cutlass

You Came Up  |  Big Punisher

Pump It Up  |  Fat Boys

The Show  |  Doug E. Fresh & Slick Rick

Life's A Bitch  |  Nas

It Was a Good Day   Ice Cube

Crumblin' Erb  |  OutKast

Stay Real  |  Erick Sermon

Funky Child  |  Lords of the Underground

Da Mystery of Chessboxin'  |  Wu-Tang Clan

Understanding / Understanding Reprise  |  eLZhi & Georgia Anne Muldrow

Love Comes & Goes  |  Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs

Mad Izm  |  Channel Live

Pain I Feel  |  Blahzay Blahzay

Vapors  |  Biz Markie

Sugar Hill  |  AZ

Mass Appeal  |  Gang Starr

Top Billin'  |  Audio Two

The Crossover  |  EPMD

Mama Said Knock You Out  |  LL Cool J

We Run Things (It’s Like Dat)  |  Da Bush Babees

It Takes a Thief  |  Coolio

Where My Homiez? (Come Around My Way)  |  Ill Al Skratch

Neva Go Back  |  Special Ed

I’m Kurious  |  Kurious

Chief Rocka  |  Lords of the Underground

Take it Easy  |  Mad Lion

Shock Body  |  Talib Kweli

Pardon Our Dust   Dillon & Diamond D

Transcend  |  A-Butta

What’s Real  |  Gang Starr

We Could Exist  |  Natural Elements

It Ain’t Hard to Tell  |  eLZhi

Think Bigger  |  KRS-ONE

Cake and Eat it Too  |  Nice & Smooth

Steve Biko (Stir It Up)  |  A Tribe Called Quest

Blue Funk  |  Heavy D & The Boyz

Suspended in Time  |  Group Home

On and On  |  Shyheim

Freaks  |  Doug E. Fresh & Lil Vicious 

Can You Feel It  Fat Boys

Self Destruction  (The Stop The Violence Movement, 1989) 

Boogie Down Productions (BDP) & Various Artists 

Nappy Heads (Remix)  |  The Fugees

Don’t Sweat the Technique  |  Eric B. & Rakim

Funk Dat  |  Sagat

Wiggle It  |  2 in A Room

I Love to Turn You On (Zunga Zeng)  |  K7

You Can't Hide, You Can't Run  |  Dilated Peoples

The Pressur|  A Tribe Called Quest 

Breakadawn  |  De La Soul

Uptown Anthem  |  Naughty by Nature 

Before I Let Go  |  Maze (feat. Frankie Beverly)

Emotions  |  Mariah Carey

Another Sad Love Song  |  Toni Braxton

Lady  |  D'Angelo

Just Another Day...  |  Queen Latifah

Around the Way Girl  |  LL Cool J

Represent  |  Nas

I’m Still #1  |  Boogie Down Productions (BDP)

I Ain't No Joke  |  Eric B. & Rakim

U.N.I.T.Y.  |  Queen Latifah

You Remind Me  |  Mary J. Blige 

13th Floor / Growing Old  |  OutKast

Jail House Rap  |  Fat Boys

Bomdigi   Erick Sermon

The Rhyme  |  Keith Murray

Myintrotoletuknow  |  OutKast

Musical Massacre  |  Eric B. & Rakim

Daytona 500  |  Ghostface Killah

In the PJ’s  |  Big Daddy Kane

The Message  Nas

Check the Rhime  |  A Tribe Called Quest

Da Joint  |  EPMD

Step Up  |  Pete Rock & InI

Wheelz of Steel  |  OutKast

Microphone Master  |  Das EFX

Edutainment  |  Boogie Down Productions (BDP)

Rappaz R. N. Dainja  |  KRS-ONE

Don't you Dog Me  |  Fat Boys

Mainstream  |  OutKast

Mellow My Man  |  The Roots

My Myself and I  |  De La Soul

La Schmoove  |  Fu-Schnickens

Mind Power  |  A Tribe Called Quest

Hip Hop Junkies  |  Nice & Smooth

Blackman in Effect  |  Boogie Down Productions (BDP)

Put Your Hands Together (Fon Force Mix)  |  Eric B. & Rakim

Royalty  |  Gang Starr

Brown Skin Woman  |  KRS-ONE

You Don't Have to Worry  |  Mary J. Blige

This Is For the Lover in You  |  Babyface

Don't Leave Me  |  Blackstreet

Something in the Way (You Make Me Feel)  |  Stephanie Mills

A Day in My Life (Without You)  |  Lisette Meléndez

Cruisin'  |  D'Angelo

Back At One  |  Brian McKnight

End of the Road  |  Boyz II Men

Un-break My Heart  |  Toni Braxton

I Will Always Love You  |  Whitney Houston

Wishing On A Star  |  The Cover Girls

Fantasy (Remix)  |  Mariah Carey

Groove Thang  |  Zhané

Goody Goody  |  Lisette Meléndez

Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)  |  C+C Music Factory

Boricua Posse  |  Rare Arts

El Trago  |  2 In A Room

I-Ight (Alright)  |  Doug E. Fresh

Code of the Streets  |  Gang Starr

Chaos  |  Talib Kweli (feat. Bahamadia)

Buggin’ Out  |  A Tribe Called Quest

The Militia  |  Gang Starr

By Nature  |  Natural Elements

Higher Level  |  KRS-ONE

Life Ain't Fair  |  Natural Elements

Eye Know  |  De La Soul

Square One  |  Pete Rock & InI

Bust Mine  |  Natural Elements

Puerto Rico  |  Frankie Cutlass

Work the Angles  |  Dilated Peoples

The Beginning  |  KRS-ONE

Step in the Arena  |  Gang Starr

Worst Comes to Worst  |  Dilated Peoples

Cell Therapy  |  Goodie Mob

Livin' Proof  |  Group Home

Outta Here  |  KRS-ONE

Geto Fantasy  |  Geto Boys

Center of Attention  |  Pete Rock & InI

The Fat Boys Are Back  |  Fat Boys

What I'm After  |  Lords of the Underground

Watch Out  |  De La Soul

Hostile  Erick Sermon

Stressed Out  |  A Tribe Called Quest 

Funky Child  |  Lords of the Underground

Freaks Come Out at Night  |  Whodini

Black Hand Side  |  Queen Latifah

Poor Georgie  |  MC Lyte

Renee  |  Lost Boyz

Git Up, Git Out  |  OutKast

Award Tour  |  A Tribe Called Quest

Stop the Violence  |  Boogie Down Productions (BDP)

Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey)  |  De La Soul

Moment of Truth  |  Gang Starr

The Platform  |  Dilated Peoples

This is the Shack  |  Warren G (feat. Dove Shack)

Up Against the Wall  |  Group Home

Uknowhowwedu  |  Bahamadia

Clones  |  The Roots

Grown Man Sport  |  Pete Rock & InI

Block Episode  |  Masta Ace

Live from New York  |  Raekwon

K.A.S.E.  |  Method Man

The Shallimar  |  Keith Murray, Funkality & Brady Jo

Acknowledge  |  Masta Ace

Comin' Out Swingin'  |  Dillon & Diamond D (feat. eLZhi)

Guantanamera  |  Wyclef Jean
The Score  |  The Fugees
No Time To Play  |  Guru (feat. Ronny Jordan & D.C. Lee)
Watch What You Say  |  Guru (feat. Chaka Khan & Branford Marsalis)
All Good?  |  De La Soul (feat. Chaka Khan)
Itzoweezee (HOT)  |  De La Soul
Gone Till November  |  Wyclef Jean
Get at Me Dog  |  DMX
Slam  |  Onyx
Superthug  |  N.O.R.E.
Apocalypse  |  Wyclef Jean
Cool It Now  |  New Edition
Danger  |  Blahzay Blahzay

You Can’t Stop The Prophet  |  Jeru the Damaja

I’ll Tell Ya Later  |  Gotham, Talib Kweli & Diamond D

Symphony  |  Marley Marl

So Tough  |  Freddie Foxxx

Hollywood Gangsta  |  Nas

Full Clip  |  Gang Starr

I Got A Man  |  Positive K

Nuttin’ But Love  |  Heavy D & The Boyz

Microphone Fiend  |  Eric B. & Rakim

Push It  |  Salt & Pepa

O.P.P.  |  Naughty By Nature

Mr. Wendal  |  Arrested Development

East Left  |  Keith Murray (New Jersey Drive Soundtrack)

Hip Hop Hooray  |  Naughty By Nature

Ruffneck  |  MC Lyte

Tennessee  |  Arrested Development 

Bop Gun (One Nation)  |  Ice Cube (feat. George Clinton)

Not Tonight  |  Lil' Kim 

Funkdafied  |  Da Brat

Everything Remains Raw  |  Busta Rhymes

I Ain’t Goin’ Out Like That  |  Cypress Hill

Groove Is In the Heart  |  Deee-Lite

Keep on Walkin’  |  Cece Peniston

Never Gonna Get It  |  En Vogue

I Like The Way (The Kissing Game)  |  Hi-Five

If I Ever Fall in Love  |  Shai

Freak Me  |  Silk

Come & Talk to Me  |  Jodeci

What About Your Friends  |  TLC

It Takes Two  |  Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock

Ain’t Gonna Hurt Nobody  |  Kid ‘N Play

My Prerogative  |  Bobby Brown

Straight Up  |  Paula Abdul

Escapade  |  Janet Jackson

Anytime  |  Brian McKnight

Nobody Knows  |  The Tony Rich Project

Gangsta Lean  |  DRS

? vs. Scratch (The Token DJ Cut)  |  The Roots

Essaywhuman?!!!?!  |  The Roots

Champion  |  The Roots 

I Gotcha Open (Remix)  |  Black Moon

Bucktown  |  Smif-N-Wessun 

1, 2 Pass It  |  D&D All-Stars

‘93 Til Infinity  |  Souls of Mischief 

Passin' Me By  |  The Pharcyde

I Got A Love  |  Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth

Hand of the Dead Body  |  Scarface (feat. Ice Cube)

West Up!  |  WC and The Maad Circle (feat. Ice Cube & Mack 10)

All Night Long  |  Mary Jane Girls

I’ll Be There for You  (You’re All I Need to Get By)  | 

Method Man (feat. Mary J. Blige)

The Message  |  Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five

I’m Bad  |  LL Cool J

Represent the Real Hip Hop  |  KRS-ONE

Bonita Appelbaum  |  A Tribe Called Quest

Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like That)  |  Digable Planets

Craziest  |  Naughty By Nature

Sock It 2 Me  |  Missy Elliott (feat. Da Brat)

Karma  |  Mood

Hip Hop  |  Mos Def

Mathematics  |  Mos Def

Express Yourself  |  N.W.A.

Memory Lane (Sittin’ in da Park)  |  Nas

Put Your Hands Where My Hands Could See  |  Busta Rhymes 

Take It to Ya Face  |  Naughty By Nature 

Born 2 Live  |  O.C.

Down With the King  |  Run-DMC (feat. Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth)

Thoughts Become Things  |  Skillz (feat. Ayah)

Stand Strong  |  Smif-N-Wessun

Back to Life  |  Soul II Soul

Trigga Gots No Heart (Remix)  |  Spice 1

Guerillas Ain’t Gangstas  |  Da Lench Mob

Death Becomes You  |  Pete Rock

Unconditional Love  |  Hi-Five

How to Survive in South Central  |  Ice Cube

Me and You  |  Tony! Toni! Toné!

Bohemian Rhapsody  |  The Braids

Butterfly  |  Mariah Carey

Me or the Papes  |  Jeru the Damaja

Every Time I Close My Eyes 

Babyface (feat. Mariah Carey, Kenny G & Sheila E.)

This is for the Lover in You  |  Shalamar 

Glamorous Life  |  Sheila E.

Yo No Se  |  Pajama Party

Sincerely Yours  |  Sweet Sensation 

Purple Rain  |  Prince

Hooked on You  |  Sweet Sensation 

Point of No Return  |  Exposé

Conga  |  Gloria Estefan, Miami Sound Machine 

Fame  |  Irene Cara

The Glow  |  Willie Hutch

Rock with You  |  Michael Jackson 

Opposites Attract  |  Paula Abdul

How Come, How Long  |  Babyface (feat. Stevie Wonder)

Time’s Up  |  O.C.

Fugee La  |  The Fugees

Transit Ride  |  Guru (feat. Branford Marsalis)

The Bizness  |  De La Soul (feat. Common)

Ruff Ryders Anthem  |  DMX

Throw Ya Gunz  |  Onyx

Dedicated  |  Nas

Do My Thing  |  Busta Rhymes

Drop  |  The Pharcyde

Take You There  |  Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth

I Left My Wallet in El Segundo  |  A Tribe Called Quest

Runnin'  |  The Pharcyde

One Love  |  Nas (feat. Q-Tip)

When Can I See You Again  |  Babyface

Change the World  |  Babyface & Eric Clapton

What You Say  |  Pete Rock & InI

Liquid Swords  |  GZA

You Know My Steez  |  Gang Starr

I'll House You  |  Jungle Brothers

High School High (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)  |  Various Artists

This Means You  |  Reflection Eternal (Talib Kweli & Hitek) feat. Mos Def

Runnin'  |  The Pharcyde

The Score  |  The Fugees

Feel the Music  |  Guru (feat. Paul Ferguson & Baybe)

Mind Over Matter  |  Pete Rock & InI

Rite Where U Stand  |  Gang Starr

Ill Street Blues  |  Kool G Rap

Remember When  |  Da Bush Babees

Fudge Pudge  |  Organized Konfusion

Skillz  |  Gang Starr

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